Automatically sync TRaSH guides to your Sonarr and Radarr instances
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MIT license Build & Test Quality Gate Status GitHub release Support Server

A command-line application that will automatically synchronize recommended settings from the TRaSH guides to your Sonarr/Radarr instances.

Formerly named "Trash Updater".


The following information can be synced to *arr services from the TRaSH Guides. For a more detailed features list, see the Features page.


  • Sync Release Profiles from the guide to Sonarr v3.
  • Supports Sonarr v4 Custom Formats.
  • Sync Quality Definitions (sizes) from the guide.
  • Add Tags to Release Profiles.
  • Assign scores from the guide to quality profiles.


  • Sync Custom Formats from the guide.
  • Sync Quality Definitions from the guide.
  • Assign CF scores to quality profile (manual or use values from the guide).

Read the Documentation

Main documentation is located in the wiki. Links provided below for some main topics.